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Fast Forward in the News

Top 25 sales training companies

The Fast Forward Group named as an Honorable Mention on Selling Power’s Top Sales Training Companies

The Fast Forward Group is pleased to announce it has been included as an Honorable Mention company on Selling Power’s Top 25 Sales Training Companies 2022 list.


Tangible Steps to Create the Career and Relationships You Want

Fast Forward Co-founder and CEO Lisa McCarthy joins the Mostly Balanced podcast to discuss how to avoid burnout and challenge your limiting beliefs. They discuss how the stories we tell ourselves shape our future, and how to reframe these stories to immediately improve confidence, resilience and relationships.

Ignite Your Team with a Whole Life Approach

Listen as co-founders of the Fast Forward Group, Lisa McCarthy and Wendy Leshgold share their Bold Vision Exercise and how they use this proven method to help companies of all sizes transform culture, up-level talent, and accelerate business growth.

Fast Forward Founder Talks Thinking Big and Achieving Dreams

In this episode, Lisa sits down with Women on the Move host Sam Saperstein—who has been through Fast Forward coaching herself—to discuss her company’s approach to helping individuals think big, focus on what matters, and achieve success in their whole lives.

Fast Forward To Your Bold Vision with Lisa McCarthy

Lisa speaks to Google’s Bethanie Baynes, about defining success and happiness on your own terms, thriving instead of surviving, navigating challenges and resetting quickly, and the power of a Bold Vision.

Forget Resolutions. Crush 2021 Goals with One Simple Tool

Lisa speaks to longtime friend, Katie Fogarty, about her experience throwing her hat over the wall, challenging limiting beliefs, and why there’s never been a better time to write a Bold Vision.

How To Manage Your Inner Voice and Write a Bold Vision

Lisa and Wendy were featured on ABC’s No Limits podcast hosted by Emmy Award winning journalist Rebecca Jarvis. Listen to get a taste of some of the foundational Fast Forward concepts.


4 Practices to Tame Your Inner Critic Starting Today

Finding Good Leadership In A Pandemic

How The Fast Forward Group Is Helping Companies Create High-Performance Cultures



How to Set Small Goals, Action Items to Calm the Nerves


How This Group Helps Companies ‘Fast Forward’ to Success