Inspire Diverse Teams to Thrive and Ascend with Fast Forward DEI

Diversity in the workplace has been shown to improve creativity, opportunities for professional growth, and decision making. Yet, 57% of employees feel like their companies could be doing more. 

Now, some of the world’s leading companies are partnering with Fast Forward Group to create an inclusive culture by empowering diverse employees to thrive and succeed in the workplace and show up as their authentic selves. 

Fast Forward workshops go beyond skill-building and give people a proven approach to achieve success and fulfillment professionally and personally. Fast Forward DEI addresses the unique challenges people from diverse populations face, such as biases in the workplace, seeing fewer role models at the top, and being overly conscious of who they are and their differences. It gives a community, actionable tools and a proven approach to thrive and ascend. 

Here’s what makes the Fast Forward DEI program unique and powerful:

Designed Based on the Lived Experiences of Diverse Employees 

Fast Forward DEI was designed based on the experiences of diverse people and teams, and tailored to meet those needs. People bring challenges to the workshops that stem from real biases, difficult work situations, and setbacks they have faced professionally and personally. We create a space where they feel safe to be vulnerable, so they can connect deeply and find a shared, like-minded community. 

Participants challenge limiting beliefs and disempowering stories and are equipped to declare a bold vision for extraordinary success in their whole lives. By empowering diverse teams to fully embrace who they are, they see more possibilities for their professional and personal lives. This helps to build a workplace culture that fosters collaboration and nurtures healthy working relationships. Your diverse team gains confidence, resilience and leaves well on their way to achieving success and happiness.

Building Community and Peer Accountability for Diverse Teams 

As part of the Fast Forward DEI program, participants build community and are paired with a peer coach and accountability partner for support during and after the program. Through these connections, they reinforce program learnings and deepen their growth. 

Hearing from participants after the program, they shared how having a buddy kept them accountable and how valuable having a like-minded community that supported and encouraged them was. 

“I feel so much more capable and confident, honestly just empowered to move forward.”

“Having a group available to constantly lift you up and tell you that you can-and-will accomplish your goals is indispensable.”

“For me, the best part was building a group of advocates who can fight for me and give me advice on my career.”


Profound and Lasting Impact for Diverse Teams

A global media company offered diverse employees a 7-workshop Fast Forward DEI program. To measure the impact of the program, participants completed the Forward Score, a proprietary pre- and post-program self-assessment.  

In the assessment they rated themselves on a scale of 1-10 for a series of statements, such as “I make time in my schedule to focus on my physical and mental health”, “I have a clear plan of action to achieve my goals”, “I take steps to effectively manage stress and pressure”, “I am focused on my strengths and accomplishments rather than my shortcomings”.

After the program participants reported significant increases in all key areas.  Most significantly, they reported an average of a 47% increase in happiness and well-being, 37% increase in focus and time management, and 32% increase in confidence and resilience.

Why Choose The Fast Forward DEI Program?

The Fast Forward DEI program ignites diverse teams to thrive and ascend in the workplace. It helps individuals build skills to expand their network and communicate confidently, feel empowered to be change-agents within their company and see differences as strengths when bringing  their authentic, whole self to work.

In our DEI workshops, we create group interactions that result in profound human connection and growth. This highly interactive training program is tailored  to meet your specific needs and can be delivered virtually, in person or hybrid.

Answer a few questions, so we can create a program tailored to your diverse team’s unique needs. Get started designing your program