Veronica M. Alweiss

Executive Coach

Veronica is a transformational force for extraordinary men and women committed to leading with excellence while living more expansive, courageous, and authentic lives. An executive coach for over 15 years, her individual and business clients are global – in four continents and seven countries, across industries and diverse cultures. Veronica cultivates a profound partnership with her clients and coaches the whole person. Clients achieve lasting impact on productivity, client relationships, business results, and quality of life. Her approach is to drive transformation both through bold and inspired visioning, planning and action, while equally sourcing the power of mindset. Her clients establish the new behaviors, habits and ways of thinking that they need to take their organization, their team, and themselves to higher performance levels. In addition, her clients learn to anchor themselves in their own life purpose and interconnect that drive with the mission and objectives of the organization to which they contribute.

Areas of focus include:

Cultivating sales and presenting skills to improve achievement of business results — Developing skills in diagnosing and resolving organizational, team and individual performance challenges — Improving strategic thinking, vision-based leadership, and executive presence — Developing communication strategies to increase influence and promote transformation

Veronica also comes with over 12 years of experience in television – producing and developing over 1000 hours of media for clients including included HBO, Showtime, 20th Century Fox, Universal, and Hearst. Veronica is based in her beloved New Orleans — the fulfillment of a life-long dream.

She holds an MA in Spiritual Psychology and is a Dale Carnegie Graduate. Veronica is based in her beloved New Orleans—the fulfillment of a life-long dream.