Headshot of Jasenka Sabanovic, coach and facilitator at the Fast Forward Group

Jasenka Šabanović

Coach & Facilitator

As a Fast Forward coach and facilitator, Jasenka specializes in leadership at all levels, with a focus on employee engagement and culture building. She helps leaders harness the power of their strengths and talents to achieve personal and professional goals. She takes an adaptable rather than a formulaic approach responding to what comes up, providing support and challenging when valuable.

Jasenka is a native of Bosnia and moved to California in 1999 after fleeing the civil war. She graduated from University of California, Berkeley, where she was introduced to Coaching and Organizational Change. She founded her own coaching business in 2005 where she worked with executives across various industries, including technology, finance, commercial real estate, healthcare, medicine, law, human resources, and not-for-profit.

Jasenka has lived on 4 different continents and has coached and facilitated in different countries and languages including English, Spanish, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, and German. She draws upon her personal experiences and stories to help her clients build more focused and purposeful lives.

Jasenka is a co-author of a book: LifeQ: How To Make Your Life Your Most Important Business.