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Inspire your team to think big and focus on what’s important.

Fast Forward is tailored to the needs of today’s always-on, never-done workforce. Our unique whole life approach fuels both professional and personal success – improving engagement, productivity, and culture.

The Fast Forward Regimen Focuses in
Four Areas

Create a Bold Vision
for your whole life
in the year ahead.
Design a 90-day action
plan to achieve your
Bold Vision.
Reframe your thoughts
to fuel resilience,
confidence, and happiness.
Improve listening,
influence, coaching,
and relationships.

Designed For Lasting Change

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Fast Forward Buddy System

Every participant gets a peer coach and accountability partner for on-going support. Buddies meet during and after the program to help each other achieve their Bold Visions.

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Refuel Emails

Participants get weekly inspiration post program to reinforce Fast Forward Regimen.

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Forward Score Assessment

Participants take our proprietary whole life assessment pre and post program to track individual improvement in risk taking, focus/time management, confidence, resiliency, relationships and well-being.

Virtual Programs and Pricing

Bold Vision

Option 1: Two 90-minute virtual workshops delivered over 1 week. Groups of 24.
Option 2: Two hour virtual workshop for offsites / all-hands meetings. Groups of up to 200.

Bold Vision and Planning

Three 90 minute virtual workshops, delivered over four weeks. Groups of 24

Bold Vision, Planning and Mindset

Four 90 minute virtual workshops, delivered over five weeks. Groups of 24

Bold Vision, Planning, Mindset, and Communication

Six 90 minute virtual workshops, delivered over seven weeks. Groups of 24

Fast Forward Women

Five 90 minute virtual workshops, delivered over six weeks. Groups of 24

Fast Forward People of Color and Allies

Five 90 minute virtual workshops, delivered over six weeks.
Bold Vision workshop for Allies.
Content tailored based on audience needs.

Executive Coaching

1×1 packages range from 6-10 sessions with otional 360 review
Small group coaching also available

Pricing available
upon request

Let’s discuss how Fast Forward’s programs and coaching can be customized for your needs.

A Special Offer For Workshop Attendees

Give your team the Bold Vision Toolkit

You’ve experienced an introduction to the Fast Forward Bold Vision. This exercise is used by leaders around the world to inspire their team to think big and focus on what’s important in the year ahead. We’ve made it easy for you to bring this exercise to your team or business.
Here’s what you’ll get:

One on one Coaching

Get support on finishing your Bold Vision and how to use the toolkit.

Bold Vision Video

Fast Forward co-founder Wendy Leshgold takes viewers through the exercise step by step so they leave equipped to finish and share their Bold Vision.

Best Practices Guide

Set of step by step instructions on how to cascade the Bold Vision exercise to fuel your team and your business.

Support Tools

Each toolkit includes the Bold Vision Workbook and Vision sample to support learning and creation.


Special Offer

This offer
expires in:

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You will receive an email with links to download each product as well as instructions on how to schedule the coaching call.

Discover the Fast Forward Power Principles

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Declare a Bold Vision and Share It!

Fast Forward to one year from today: what does success look like? Use our 7 questions to think big and take ownership of what’s most important in work and life. Challenge limiting beliefs and expand what you see as possible. Leave with a compass that provides inspiration and focus for the year ahead.

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Plan the Work and Work the Plan

Create a 90 Day Action Plan that becomes a dashboard to making your Vision a reality. Identify habits that eat up your time and deplete your energy; adopt new habits that fuel your productivity and fulfillment.

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Choose a New Perspective

Get a powerful model to help transform negative stories that hold you back into empowering narratives that propel you forward. Learn the secret to reframing your thoughts and leave with a tool to immediately impact your resiliency, confidence and relationships.

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Manage Your Inner Critic

Appreciate the brain science behind this harsh internal voice that contributes to imposter syndrome or a feeling that we’re not worthy of success. You’ll leave with actionable practices to manage your Inner Critic, and fuel your own confidence, happiness and peace.

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Be Present and Listen

See value in being present and actively listening to build trust, deepen relationships and help people solve their problems. Complete workshop series by making commitments and setting up regular cadence to connect with your Fast Forward Buddy for peer coaching and accountability.

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Set a Desired Outcome

Make every conversation matter by starting with the finish. Forward action with customers and colleagues. Use the FF Conversation Planner to elevate your influence and contribution.

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Find Your Voice and Use It

See the importance of merchandising yourself. Get a tool for having straight conversations and taking a stand with confidence and conviction regardless of the audience and circumstances.

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Take 100% Responsibility

Discuss the power of taking responsibility for your results – regardless of the circumstances. This is the most powerful way to work, live, lead and grow.