Executive Leadership Program for Women | Fast Forward Group
Help women work and live on their terms.
Fast Forward Women is a women’s empowerment program that has 6 Power Principles to help you thrive in today’s always-on workplace. The principles specifically address the unique challenges women face, including being the primary caregiver, being overly critical of themselves, and having less role models at the top.


  1. Whole life approach
  2. Relevant to all levels and disciplines
  3. Drives lasting change through ongoing reinforcement
Women's Empowerment and Leadership Programs

Two Day

In two days women will complete the Fast Forward Women Regimen and have the full toolkit to thrive in all areas of their life. This women’s empowerment and leadership program will give participants a Bold Vision, a Plan to achieve it & powerful tools to fuel confidence and relationships. Participants will leave knowing how to manage breakdowns, listen actively, influence, and drive change. Most importantly, they’ll be thinking bigger and taking ownership for what matters most at work and in their whole life.

One Day

In one day women will get three of the core Fast Forward Power Principles. They’ll Declare a Bold Vision for their work and life, create a 90 Day Action Plan against the priorities in their Vision, and learn how to Manage their Inner Critic. Other combinations of Power Principles available.


Declare a Bold Vision Workshop

What does extraordinary success look like one year from today? Work today is an onslaught of emails, back-to-back meetings, high pressure and aggressive targets. It’s easy to lose sight of what matters, focusing on what’s in front of you instead of what will actually drive impact. It’s time to take ownership of your work and life. In this game-changing session participants will get a simple, science-backed exercise to play big and accomplish more of what is important – professionally and personally.

Manage Your Inner Critic Workshop

Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance that comes from appreciating your strength, abilities and qualities. What gets in the way is your own internal critical voice- the one that can be relentless and harsh and focus on weaknesses and how you compare to others. This provocative and interactive session will have you appreciate the brain science behind these disempowering habits. You will leave with six actionable practices to help you manage your inner critic and fuel your own confidence, power and peace!


Find Your Voice and Use it Workshop

Women will get practical coaching on owning their power, merchandising themselves and taking a stand for what’s important regardless of the audience or circumstances. They’ll practice having courageous conversations and fuel their own confidence and conviction.