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women’s leadership development programs

Women face unique challenges to thrive and ascend. This includes: balancing the role of primary caregiver with their career ambitions, finding their voice and advocating for what they need, having fewer role models at the top and being overly critical of themselves.

for Women

Our program addresses these
unique challenges in four modules.

Create a Bold Vision
for your whole life
in the year ahead.
Design a 90-day action
plan to achieve your
Bold Vision.
Reframe your thoughts
to fuel resilience,
confidence and happiness.
Improve listening,
influence, coaching
and relationships.

It is possible for women to live and lead on their terms.


cite an increase in confidence.


have a vision that inspires them and keeps them focused.


have improved their communication and influence.


say they feel their company cares about their development.

Based on 90 day post program participant surveys
Tara Walpert-Levy
VP Agency & Brand Solutions, Google

“The reviews were off the charts – 4.8/5 which is unheard of at Google. The lasting impact showed up not only in the business results but also in the connection among the women.”

Sam Saperstein
MD and Head of Women on the Move, JP Morgan Chase

“After getting extremely positive feedback, we wanted to scale Fast Forward Women so more women globally could experience it. Fast Forward created a virtual version of its program that participants say is empowering and has given them the confidence to pursue their Bold Visions.”

Fast Forward Women In 4 Formats

Live Workshop
Virtual Workshop
Video Course
Executive Coaching
Offerings range from 90 minute workshop to multi day engagements with executive coaching.

Schedule a consultation to customize a Fast Forward Women leadership development program that addresses your needs.

What Participants Are Saying

Discover the 6 Fast Forward Women Power Principles

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Declare a Bold Vision and Share It!

Fast Forward to one year from today: what does extraordinary success look like to you? Use our 7 questions to think big and take ownership of what’s most important in work and life. You’ll challenge limiting beliefs and expand what you see as possible.

Manage Your Inner Critic

Appreciate the brain science behind this harsh internal voice that contributes to imposter syndrome or a feeling that we’re not worthy of success. You’ll leave with actionable practices to manage your Inner Critic, and fuel your own confidence, happiness and peace.

Plan the Work and Work the Plan

Create a 90 Day Action Plan that becomes a dashboard to making your Vision a reality. Identify habits that eat up your time and deplete your energy; adopt new habits that fuel your productivity and fulfillment.

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Be Present and Listen

See value in being present and actively listening to build trust, deepen relationships and help people solve their problems. Complete workshop series by making commitments and setting up regular cadence to connect with your Fast Forward Buddy for peer coaching and accountability..

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Find Your Voice and Use It

Participants see the importance of merchandising themselves. They’ll get a tool for having straight conversations and taking a stand with confidence and conviction regardless of the audience and circumstances.

Take 100% Responsibility

Discuss the power of taking responsibility for your results – regardless of the circumstances. This is the most powerful way to work, live, lead and grow. You will leave knowing what success looks like to you and know how to achieve it.

Discover the Power of a Fast Forward Vision

Women around the world are using this exercise to play big and thrive professionally and personally.