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Accelerate growth, elevate talent, and transform culture

The Pressure and Pace is Costing Your Company

People are stressed and burned out, and work-life imbalance is at an all-time high given today’s pressure, pace and uncertainty. Your people may be reactive and playing it safe, not thinking big or long term. Yet your company needs to grow, innovate, and attract and retain top talent.

To thrive, people need to go beyond skills training. They need to feel deeply connected, engaged and inspired.

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Innovative Leaders Choose
Fast Forward

Fast Forward helps leaders build a culture of engaged employees who are deeply connected and inspired to play big.

Fast Forward goes beyond skill-building and fundamentally changes how people see the future and what is possible for their business, career, and life. We teach people 7 proven Power Principles to help them think big, manage stress, and achieve success and fulfillment in their whole lives. Companies of all sizes use our training and executive coaching to transform culture, elevate talent, and accelerate business growth.


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After a decade of helping more than 100,000 people at the world’s leading companies to achieve extraordinary success, Lisa McCarthy and Wendy Leshgold bring their powerful system to life in Fast Forward, giving you their 5 Power Principles to create the life you want in just one year.

We Do Things Differently

Whole Life Development

Our program helps people achieve success and fulfillment both professionally and personally. This increases connection, engagement, vulnerability, and growth.

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Bold Vision Exercise

Our science-backed Bold Vision exercise inspires people to play big and focus on what’s important. It’s a powerful playbook for a high-performance culture and growth.

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Peer Coaching

Everyone benefits from a Fast Forward buddy for accountability and coaching. Buddies share Visions, reinforce learning, and support each other’s development during and after the program.

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What would a 30% increase in well-being and happiness look like for your company?

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Invest in a Whole Life Approach to Leadership Training:


Engaged employees are 59% more likely to stay and show loyalty


People who find a balance between work and life are twice as happy


Companies with happy employees outperform their competitors by 20%

Our Graduates Cite Average 20% Improvement In Key Areas

Thinking Big and Taking Risks
Influence and Communication
Coaching and Collaboration
Prioritization and Time Management
Confidence and Resilience 
Well-being and Happiness
What Our Clients Say
Carolyn Everson
Former VP, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook
"A lot of people say it's the best training they've ever taken, it's fundamentally changed their life."
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What Our Clients Say
David Lawenda
EVP Digital Sales and Sales Strategy, Paramount
"Fast Forward's training and coaching has been instrumental to transforming our culture, accelerating our revenue growth, and developing our leaders."
Our Client Video
What Our Clients Say
Tara Walpert-Levy
VP, Agency & Brand Solutions, Google
"Everyone uses their Vision and Action Plan to stay focused on what's important at Google and in their life."
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What Our Clients Say
Greg Glenday
CEO, Lightbox OOH
"The culture impact has been night and day. Things get done. People are rooting for each other. Everyone knows what their goals are."
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What Our Clients Say
Kristen Lemkau
CEO, US Wealth Management, JPMorgan Chase
"Fast Forward has made a huge difference for me and our leaders at work and in life. Their program is inspiring, actionable and it sticks."
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What Our Clients Say
Andy Marcell
CEO, Aon Reinsurance Solutions
"Our leaders can now inspire their people to attack their goals. They now realize I can’t do everything myself, I have to empower my team. I have to listen to them and give them the equipment to win."
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What Our Clients Say
Mita Mallick
Head of Inclusion, Equity and Impact, Carta
"This program gave me confidence in my own voice, clarity and a renewed sense of purpose. I learned to quiet my inner critic, choose a different perspective when in the middle of difficult conversations, and create and execute a Bold Vision for myself. I highly recommend this program."
What Our Clients Say
Sam Saperstein
MD and Head of Women on the Move, JPMorgan Chase
"Our global Fast Forward Women on the Move program is exceeding expectations. We are working to support career development at scale for employees globally. We've seen 20,000 people go through this program, majority of them are women, and the women consistently tell us that it is been one of the best development experiences of their career."
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