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In today’s high-pressure, always-on work culture, it’s easy to get mired in the day-to-day. You lose sight of what drives impact. Experience our game-changing exercise to help your people to play big, take risks and focus on what’s most important — professionally and personally. Bold Vision is the foundation of every Fast Forward engagement.

What Our Clients Say
Amy Armstrong
Former Global CEO of Initiative
"Fast Forward helped me see that you can put goals on the table that you don’t think you can really achieve but once you write them down, you have a map and you can do it."
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What Our Clients Say
Andy Marcell
CEO, Aon Reinsurance Solutions
"Our leaders can now inspire their people to attack their goals. They now realize I can’t do everything myself, I have to empower my team. I have to listen to them and give them the equipment to win."
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What Our Clients Say
Mita Mallick
Head of Inclusion, Equity and Impact, Carta
"This program gave me confidence in my own voice, clarity and a renewed sense of purpose. I learned to quiet my inner critic, choose a different perspective when in the middle of difficult conversations, and create and execute a Bold Vision for myself. I highly recommend this program."
What Our Clients Say
David Lawenda
EVP Digital Sales and Sales Strategy, Paramount
"Fast Forward's training and coaching has been instrumental to transforming our culture, accelerating our revenue growth, and developing our leaders."
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