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Profoundly Different Executive Coaching to Ignite Key Talent

Our unique approach to coaching changes the way your people work and lead.


Developing Future-Ready Leaders

Leaders and managers have ambitious goals while dealing with unprecedented pressure, change, and ambiguity. How they show up, lead, and inspire others is critical to the success of your organization.

Fast Forward coaching addresses these challenges and transforms how leaders think and lead for years to come. Coaching provides leaders with personalized support, objective feedback, and expert guidance to develop their strengths, propelling them — and your organization — to new heights.

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Executive Coaching Packages

What’s Provided:

Each 1:1 coaching client is paired with a Fast Forward coach who is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. The coach will help the coachee work through challenges, identify blind spots, and adopt practices to fuel their success and fulfillment. The coach equips the coachee with our science-backed tools and Power Principles that have been proven to increase confidence, resiliency and achieve meaningful growth.


Executive Coaching can be purchased in a variety of packages, including 6, 8, 10 or 12+ sessions and can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Package Elements:

  • Coach and manager sync at outset to align on development opportunities
  • (6-10) 1-hour sessions over 4-6 months
  • Fast Forward 360 Review
  • Fast Forward Bold Vision exercise and video
  • Unlimited support during engagement via email
  • Access to all Fast Forward tools
  • Post session recaps and insights
  • Completion session with Manager and HR, when appropriate

Executive Coaching Packages and Approach

  • Our coaches are seasoned professionals who have walked in your shoes and have extensive business experience.
  • Our roster includes 50 diverse coaches who are based in 12 countries and fluent in 13 languages.
  • Our coaches have a breadth of certifications and backgrounds, including MBTI, Hogan, Enneagram, and DiSC.
  • Every coach is trained on our Fast Forward curriculum.

Coaches provide a safe, objective sounding board for clients to talk through challenges, have courageous conversations and improve work-life integration.

Our Executive Coaching Packages:

What our Clients Say
Natalie McLean
Head of Business Training & Development, TikTok
“Fast Forward coaching has been an integral people development strategy for us, helping to create happier, high-performing leaders. Their simple tools and world class coaches have helped our people navigate challenges, build critical skills and find harmony both professionally and personally. The feedback across the globe has been fantastic.”
What our Clients Say
David Lawenda
EVP Digital Sales and Sales Strategy, Paramount
"Fast Forward's training and coaching has been instrumental to transforming our culture, accelerating our revenue growth, and developing our leaders."
Our Client Video
What our Clients Say
Bastian Steppin
Brand Partnerships Lead, TikTok
"Fast Forward has been an absolute game changer for me! Working with an experienced coach has helped me to identify the right priorities to stay focused in spite of the global pandemic and new work environment. Over the past months my coach has supported me in gaining more resilience to handle professional and personal challenges better."


Our diverse roster of Fast Forward coaches includes more than 50 seasoned professionals based in a dozen countries around the globe. Reach out to be matched with a Fast Forward Executive Coach or to hear more about our roster of coaches


Why Work with Fast Forward

Fast Forward is a transformative experience for organizations and individuals. Our proprietary tools and whole-life approach encourages leaders to focus on success and fulfillment in their professional and personal lives. Companies hire us as a lasting investment in their leaders. They believe like we do that when people are living their best lives, they do their best work.

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Great leadership ignites the entire team. Inspire your top talent and help new managers reach their full potential with executive coaching.

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