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Leadership Assessments

Fast Forward 360 Assessments

Our proprietary qualitative leadership review illuminates strengths and areas for growth


Insights into Strengths and Development

Based on our extensive experience, Fast Forward developed this proprietary tool to enhance executive coaching engagements. A Fast Forward Coach takes a deep dive into the coachee’s professional relationships to build a comprehensive picture of the individual’s strengths and where they can grow and improve.

The client recommends 8 raters, including the coachee’s manager, peers and direct reports. The verbatim answers are organized thematically in a report, which guides the coaching engagement and supports meaningful growth and action.

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A 360 Report to Guide Coaching

What it Comes with

  • 8 qualitative interviews with managers, direct reports, and colleagues
  • Raters are asked 7 questions covering strengths, opportunities, and perceptions
  • Report is compiled thematically with many verbatims and an implications page that will guide behavioral change and action
  • Sample report can be shared prior to the engagement

Authentic Feedback to Support Meaningful Growth

While it can be uncomfortable to get candid feedback, most executives cite the Fast Forward 360 as a critical point in their growth as a leader. Our proprietary 360 review was designed based on years of coaching experience and expertise. It goes several steps deeper than most 360 reviews, clarifying an individual’s strengths as well as their opportunities for growth. With feedback from live interviews and world-class Fast Forward coaches, this valuable tool helps executives reach their full potential as leaders.

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Why Work with Fast Forward

The Fast Forward 360 difference is a focus on professional and personal success and fulfillment. The Fast Forward 360 emphasizes this. We have dedicated 360 experts, trained to gather comprehensive feedback from varying relationships in your life, ranging from direct reports to spouses. In doing so, you see what’s working from all points of view.

This transparent feedback has been shown to improve management styles, communication, and to strengthen relationships.

The Fast Forward 360 is unique in that it focuses on professional and personal success and fulfillment.


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Design a Coaching Engagement with a 360 Assessment

Start designing your coaching engagement, including our Fast Forward 360. We will tailor a coaching engagement to fit your needs.

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