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Fast Forward goes beyond skill-building and fundamentally changes how people see the future and what is possible for their business, career and life. Our unique, whole-life approach inspires profound and lasting change.

We help teams to build a high-performance culture, up-level talent and accelerate growth. Since 2013, Fast Forward has inspired 100,000 professionals around the globe achieve success and fulfillment professionally and personally.

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What Our Clients Say
Carolyn Everson
Former VP, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook
"A lot of people say it's the best training they've ever taken, it's fundamentally changed their life."
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What Our Clients Say
David Lawenda
EVP Digital Sales and Sales Strategy, Paramount
"Fast Forward's training and coaching has been instrumental to transforming our culture, accelerating our revenue growth, and developing our leaders."
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What Our Clients Say
Tara Walpert-Levy
VP, Agency & Brand Solutions, Google
"Everyone uses their Vision and Action Plan to stay focused on what's important at Google and in their life."
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What Our Clients Say
Amanda Gordon
Global Head of HR – Financial Products, Bloomberg
"Since going through Fast Forward, people are more engaged and motivated than ever to progress their career with us."
What Our Clients Say
Amy Armstrong
Former Global CEO of Initiative
"Fast Forward helped me see that you can put goals on the table that you don’t think you can really achieve but once you write them down, you have a map and you can do it."
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What Our Clients Say
Andy Marcell
CEO, Aon Reinsurance Solutions
"Our leaders can now inspire their people to attack their goals. They now realize I can’t do everything myself, I have to empower my team. I have to listen to them and give them the equipment to win."
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What Our Clients Say
Mita Mallick
Head of Inclusion, Equity and Impact, Carta
"This program gave me confidence in my own voice, clarity and a renewed sense of purpose. I learned to quiet my inner critic, choose a different perspective when in the middle of difficult conversations, and create and execute a Bold Vision for myself. I highly recommend this program."
What Our Clients Say
Elena Thornton
JP Morgan Chase
"Fast Forward has made a huge difference for me and our leaders at work and in life. Their program is inspiring, actionable and it sticks."
What Our Clients Say
Krishna Nadella
"Fast Forward has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life. I’m focused on the things and people that matter the most to me. My time is much better spent and the quality of my relationships is much more authentic."
What Our Clients Say
Kristen Lemkau
CEO, US Wealth Management, JPMorgan Chase
"Fast Forward has made a huge difference for me and our leaders at work and in life. Their program is inspiring, actionable and it sticks."
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What Our Clients Say
Morin Oluwole
"Fast Forward transformed the direction of my career and personal life. I realized that my destiny was not controlled by others, that I could have a hand in this thing called life. And that I could enjoy the journey along the way."
What Our Clients Say
Lischele Adams
VP, Marketing Strategy Lead, JPMorgan Chase
"Before Fast Forward, I had put my career development on the back burner, but this program allowed me to refocus. I enjoyed the opportunity to break out of my comfort zone, network, challenge myself and get feedback. I love the accountability and support this program offers. With my BOLD vision as my guide, I took action against my plan and made the leap to pursue a new opportunity this year."
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The Areas Where People Grow

On average, graduates of the Fast Forward program rate themselves 20% higher in our six areas of impact after they complete the program. These areas directly impact engagement, culture, innovation, and growth:

Thinking Big and Taking Risks
Influence and Communication
Coaching and Collaboration
Prioritization and Time Management
Well-being and Happiness
Confidence and Resilience 

Significant Improvement in Mindset and Behavior

300 managers at a global tech company completed 8 90-minute Fast Forward workshops. Participants took a pre- and post-program self-assessment. On average, individuals reported experiencing:


increase in Happiness and Well-being


increase in Focus and Time Management


increase in Thinking Big and Taking Risks

Programs to Ignite Success and Fulfillment

Leadership Development Programs

Our science-backed programs help managers, teams, high performers, and women go after their ambitions and dreams with intention and discipline.


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Executive Coaching

Our seasoned Fast Forward coaches use the proven Fast Forward approach to help leaders and new managers to reach their full potential.


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Speaking Engagements

Our highly engaging motivational speakers inspire audiences to think big, take risks, and focus on what’s most important to drive business growth and innovation.

Motivational Speakers

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Innovative companies of all sizes use Fast Forward Group’s training and executive coaching to transform culture, up-level talent and accelerate business growth. Answer a few quick questions. We’ll recommend the best solution for you or your team’s growth and success.


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