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5 Power Principles to Create the Life You Want in Just One Year

By Lisa McCarthy & Wendy Leshgold

A powerful system to define where you want to be in one year and make it happen. Learn more.

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After years in the corporate world leading teams, we experienced firsthand the challenges and knew there was a better way!

Our proven Power Principles in Fast Forward have helped more than 100,000 executives from the world’s top companies achieve extraordinary success and fulfillment. In the book, we share compelling stories from people who have used our system to make their dreams a reality.

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The world’s top companies are raving about Fast Forward

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Fast Forward CEO and co-author Lisa McCarthy smiles with her arms crossed

Lisa McCarthy

Lisa McCarthy is the CEO and co-founder of The Fast Forward Group. Prior to starting Fast Forward, Lisa spent 25 years at prominent media companies Univision, Viacom and CBS leading sales organizations responsible for billions in revenue. She experienced firsthand the toll of high-pressure, always-on workplaces where people feel professional success requires personal sacrifice.

She and co-founder, Wendy Leshgold, set out to challenge this belief and designed a bold yet simple and immediately actionable system that helps people achieve success and fulfillment in their whole lives.

Headshot of Fast Forward Group President and Co-Founder Wendy Leshgold

Wendy Leshgold

After many years leading teams and coaching executives, Wendy saw firsthand the challenges people faced in fast-paced, always-on corporate environments. Wendy felt compelled to find a better way and knew it was possible. She joined forces with her childhood friend Lisa McCarthy. Together, they launched The Fast Forward Group with a mission to transform the way people lead, work, and live.

Before launching Fast Forward, Wendy ran her own executive coaching practice. She created a transformative and actionable approach to help her clients create a clear picture of what success would look like in their career and life.


Praise for Fast Forward

“Fast Forward is more than a business book. It’s a book on friendship, human connection and personal growth — in other words, what we need in today’s society.

Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing, NYU Stern School of Business, and author of Adrift

“I am thrilled that you are about to get the most useful and practical step by step guide to having an extraordinary life. I personally use the techniques in this book and they have been life changing. As a leader, I have also seen the difference these principles make in workplace culture and in the lives of thousands of people from my time at Facebook. This book will help you, challenge you and guide you. It is a true gift.”

– Carolyn Everson, Senior Advisor, Permira. Board Director of The Walt Disney Company, The Coca-Cola Company, Under Armour. Former head of Meta’s Global Business Group

“I have personally benefited greatly from Fast Forward’s approach and shared it with many colleagues and friends. Their approach is not only inspiring, it’s a practical, actionable roadmap for how to be a better leader and a better human.”

Kristin Lemkau, CEO U.S. Wealth Management, J.P. Morgan

Wow! Wendy and Lisa have managed to capture the magic of their work with senior leaders and executives in leading organizations in Fast Forward. The magic for the reader is the possibility of getting new perspectives and distinctions that will shift the trajectory of your life, combined with the creation of a plan that will get you moving towards your bold and beautiful goal. Wendy and Lisa’s approach, hard earned and honed through working with thousands of clients, can help you radically improve the quality of your life!

Scott Blanchard, President at The Ken Blanchard Companies

“Fast Forward coaching is a key to the success of our top performers. Lisa and Wendy bring their transformative approach to life on the pages of Fast Forward. You will walk away with so many insights for your own life!”

– Blake Chandlee, President, Global Business Solutions at Bytedance / TikTok

“Insightful, unique, and actionable. Fast Forward offers a proven approach that executives have been learning from Wendy and Lisa for years. Their real world experience, passion for supporting people’s whole lives, and ability to accelerate teams towards audacious goals shines through in their work and in their impact.”

– Tara Walpert Levy, VP Americas, YouTube

“This is a must-read for professionals at all levels. I brought Fast Forward’s Power Principles to my team and my podcast. Now you can put their approach into action for your career and life.”

– Rebecca Jarvis, Financial Journalist, ABC News

Fast Forward is packed with inspiration and practical guidance to help you grow your confidence, find your voice and live your best life. Wendy and Lisa did that for me, which inspired me to write my own book. I am thrilled their game-changing approach is now available to anyone!”

Mita Mallick, Head of Inclusion, Equity and Impact, Carta, Contributing Writer, Harvard Business Review

The 5 Power Principles from Fast Forward

  • Power Principle 1: Declare a Bold Vision
    Challenge limiting beliefs and expand what you see as possible. Gain inspiration and focus for the year ahead.
  • Power Principle 2: Choose a New Perspective
    Reframe negative stories that hold you back into empowering narratives that propel you forward.
  • Power Principle 3: Plan the Work and Work the Plan
    Gain control of your time and energy and make steady progress on important goals.
  • Power Principle 4: Use Language of Action
    Communicate with intention, so you can produce meaningful results and improve relationships.
  • Power Principle 5: Stop Talking and Get Curious
    Become a conscious, curious listener who is free from solving other people’s problems.

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