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Our motivational speakers for business inspire people to think big and focus on what’s important.

Fast Forward’s co-founders Lisa McCarthy and Wendy Leshgold are engaging and provocative motivational speakers who consistently receive the highest ratings as corporate speakers for virtual and in-person off-site and team events around the world for leading organizations, including JPMorgan Chase, Facebook, Google, Bloomberg, Visa and Nike.

Three high-impact, science-backed interactive sessions


What does extraordinary success look like one year from today? Work today is an onslaught of emails, back-to-back meetings, high pressure and aggressive targets. It’s easy to lose sight of what matters, focusing on what’s in front of you instead of what will actually drive impact. It’s time to take ownership of your work and life. In this game-changing session participants will get a simple, science-backed exercise to play big and accomplish more of what is important – professionally and personally.


A session for Bold Vision graduates
Meetings are a common pain point for almost every organization. Give your team tools to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Forward action with customers and colleagues by setting a desired outcome. Use our Conversation Planner to elevate influence and contribution. This session gives teams actionable tools to be used immediately.


Negativity and cynicism are toxic for culture, teams, and professional development. Yet these forces invade today’s workplace, stifling growth and innovation. In this provocative, science-backed session, you will get a simple 3-step model to help transform negative stories that hold you back into empowering narratives that propel you forward. Learn the secret to reframing thoughts and leave with a tool to immediately improves confidence, relationships and resiliency.

Bold Vision Question One: What Are You Known For?

Choose a New Story: Does moving up require sacrifice?

Bold Vision Session Preview

How to Play with a Beginners’ Mindset