STOP Limiting Beliefs & Declare a Bold Vision

declare a bold vision

This simple exercise will make you successful and happy.

Every new year, resolutions are made by January and by February, they are lost in the urgency of life. Change is difficult and humans have a well-documented bias towards failure. Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman proved we do more to avoid failure than to achieve equal gain i.e., we do more to avoid losing $100 then we will to acquire it, letting fear and limiting beliefs guide our choices.

What do we mean by “limiting beliefs?” As a child, you believed anything was possible. Over time, you began making decisions about yourself based on circumstances and events, like:

I’m not good with conflict. It has to be perfect. I am not comfortable with large groups. I am not as smart as other people. I have to respond immediately. Moving up requires sacrifice. It’s easier to do it myself. There are not enough hours in the day.

We collect evidence to support these beliefs, inhibiting our contentment. Research shows that deciding something is true conditions us to see the world in ways that support that belief. We also, consciously or not, engage with people who will confirm what we already know to be true.

What if you could give up these limiting beliefs?  What would be possible if they were no longer constraining you?  

Our Bold Vision exercise has helped over 50,000 people challenge limiting beliefs and produce significant results in their lives. It’s as simple as writing a Bold Vision – an annual practice to help you achieve bold ambitions and stay focused on what is most important to you.

First: Throw your hat over the wall

The first step is throwing your hat over the wall, creating a situation where you are committed to following through. The phrase comes from author Frank O’Connor. As he and his friends would wander the fields, they’d take off their hats and toss them over any wall that seemed too high or difficult to scale. They committed to getting their hats back, so the wall became an obstacle to overcome, instead of a limit as to how far they could explore.

Our process asks you to commit to your goal first, creating the catalyst to figure out how to make it a reality. You’ve done this before when you wanted something badly. The Bold Vision exercise supports you in bringing this level of intention to ALL areas of your life.  

Your Bold Vision will produce produces extraordinary change and results in your work and life like: 

  • Getting a promotion, new role or new job
  •  Improving important relationships
  • Transforming team and company culture
  •  Improving health 
  •  Being present, patient, positive

Declare Your a Bold Vision

The Fast Forward Group’s Bold Vision exercise consists of eight questions to help identify key insights and guide your thinking in a non-linear way. Download the Bold Vision exercise and read through a sample vision to get started. 

Fast Forward one year from today: what does extraordinary success look like?

Get writing.

Your Bold Vision Guides Your Actions 

We are all capable of achieving extraordinary things when we imagine a future where we have  believe we can. Toss out those already broken resolutions and dare to declare a Bold Vision for 2020. It will compel you to find a way, get support, galvanize people and have this year be your year. 

The Fast Forward Group’s Leadership Development Programs and Executive Coaching inspire people to take ownership of their work and life. The science-backed program helps change mindset and behavior: people expand what they see as possible, get comfortable taking risks and focus on what’s most important so that they can produce extraordinary results. Fast Forward’s unique whole life approach drives both professional and personal growth – the key to engagement, retention and loyalty.

Learn more about how you can bring Fast Forward’s simple and actionable framework to your business.