Fast Forward Coach Emma



Emma is an Executive Coach with the Fast Forward Group. She is passionate about unleashing potential in individuals, so they can bring their teams to the next level of performance and engagement.

Emma’s coaching style blends empathy and candour to guide her clients towards what really matters most, enabling them to discover their purpose and drive. She is also known for facilitating workshops in the topics of influence, communication, and executive presence.

Beginning her career in India and Japan, Emma held positions in multinational advertising and communication agencies, where she created high-impact media campaigns for her clients. Relocating to Singapore for a regional role, she soon found a passion for helping others, becoming a Coach and a Management Consultant, and focusing on People and Culture in organisations.

Emma’s mixed cultural background has provided her the unique ability to coach on Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, as well as Psychological Safety, particularly as teams evolve and become increasingly diverse, and geographically dispersed.

As cofounder of Moment Institute, Emma also serves as a part-time faculty member, using Narrative Coaching to train and certify professional managers in coaching skills.

Emma holds a Master’s in International Law, is a Master Certified Coach with ICF, and is also certified in Narrative Coaching and Team Coaching.

When not working, Emma loves travelling, hiking, and playing in the metaverse virtual reality. She wants to bring the magic of coaching there too!