Erin Reynoldson

Director of Product

Erin Reynoldson is the Director of Product at Fast Forward Group and wearer of many hats. She brings her strategic prowess, creativity, and marketing background to lead the team in various initiatives, including product marketing, sales enablement, content development, and R&D. She spent her first four years at Fast Forward as an Account Director, partnering with clients to deliver programs and coaching that drive business results. 

Prior to joining the Fast Forward team, Erin spent nearly a decade in account and project management at top creative agencies in New York City, where she helped launch major global marketing campaigns for brands like Google, Diageo, HP, Red Bull, Adidas, and Converse. Working in a fast-paced, high pressure culture developed in Erin a passion and skill for building strong relationships, and set a high bar for delivering with excellence. 

Personal development and helping people reach their potential has been a passion of Erin’s since she was a teen, and over the past 20 years she has volunteered with various mentoring and coaching organizations, particularly focused on supporting youth and young adults. Erin currently lives in Denver, where she dabbles in many creative hobbies and escapes to the mountains as often as possible. She and her husband, Colin, are avid world travelers and are always planning their next international adventure.