Fast Forward Coach Pei Ying

Pei Ying


Pei Ying is an Executive Coach with The Fast Forward Group. Coaching since 2007, she holds a Professional Coach Credential and brings over 2,500 hours of coaching experience combined with a commercial and management background to empower individuals and teams to realize their potential and drive meaningful outcomes. Specializing in leadership and career development, her clients include C-suite and senior executives, mid-level and emerging leaders, young professionals, and entrepreneurs from organizations such as Google, Facebook, LEGO, Marsh McLennan, AET Tankers, and Singapore government agencies.

Being a leader herself, Pei Ying is passionate about bringing humanity to the workplace by training coaching leaders to foster connection & engagement with their employees, promoting individual purpose & fulfillment, which in turn inspire better business outcomes. She also provides team coaching interventions for teams seeking to evolve with purpose.

Pei Ying holds more than a decade’s experience in global and regional finance leadership roles, business partnering with senior management stakeholders and multi-cultural teams, developing her team to their highest potential, driving growth, synergies & efficiencies across businesses.

She holds a double degree in Bachelor of Business Management and Bachelor of Economics from Singapore Management University. Known to be open, direct, perceptive, and challenging, she is a huge believer that the answers we seek to the daunting challenges we face often lie within us. Giving space for self-discovery brings out nuggets of wisdom that support conscious choices, inspired actions, and ultimately, fulfillment.

An advocate of living life to the fullest, Pei Ying embarks on adventurous pursuits in her free time, going off the beaten path in her travels to uncover the mysteries each place holds, immersing in the wonders of nature. She also enjoys diving or skiing depending on the seasons.