Fast Forward Coach Terri



Terri is an executive coach with the Fast Forward Group. A 30-year veteran tech sales leader, she is focused on guiding her clients to maximize growth through best-in-class sales and leadership training. 

Terri works with blue-chip and growth-stage companies who are navigating change; managing growth, expanding product offerings, entering new markets and merging companies. She offers organizational development consulting and 1:1 coaching. 

Projects include org and team design, working with leadership on a cohesive strategy to sharpen their team’s selling skills and become trusted advisors to their clients. Engagements are custom-designed to produce consistent, sustainable results. 

Her 1:1 coaching work focuses on an individual or team’s strengths and provides a tailored approach to development, leveraging an individual’s inherent talents and capabilities to maximize performance. By identifying and honing these strengths, executives can enhance leadership effectiveness, navigate challenges, and achieve greater success in their roles. This approach cultivates a culture of continuous improvement within organizations.

Prior to founding her company, Terri spent 11 years at Google where she held Sales and Sales Leadership positions. While at Google she led the Americas effort to create, launch, and optimize Sales Mastery, Google’s award-winning global sales enablement program. Terri also held sales and leadership positions with McGraw Hill’s Business Week where she was their top global seller. Terri has worked with many high-profile companies helping them to drive profitable growth and acquire new customers with cutting-edge, high-visibility programs. She has made an impact on leaders of all levels, including CEOs, directors, VPs as well as mid-level and first-time managers. She has coached Executive Leadership Teams through change and transformation, both individually and as a group.

Terri’s clients include companies in various industries including Tech, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, with leaders at Google, Salesforce, HP, Cisco, Stripe, Cirrus, Chevron, and Quest Diagnostics, to name a few.