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About the Fast Forward Group

Professional Development, Leadership Training, Executive Coaching and Motivational Speaking

The Fast Forward Group’s training and executive coaching gives people a simple, proven approach to think big, manage stress, and achieve success and fulfillment in their whole lives. Innovative companies of all sizes, including Amazon, TikTok, Facebook, Google and JPMorgan Chase, use Fast Forward to transform culture, uplevel talent, and accelerate business growth. Fast Forward is also a go-to resource for women’s empowerment and the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion at companies that recognize the importance of equality in the workplace.

Fast Forward goes beyond skill-building and fundamentally changes how people see the future and what is possible for their business, career and life. ​​Our unique whole-life approach and peer coaching creates a deep connection among colleagues and leads to a profound and lasting impact on mindset and behavior.

Our Philosophy

When people are living their best lives, they do their best work

Our Mission

Transform how people work, lead and live by fundamentally changing how they relate to their future and what is possible

Fast Forward Group offers training programs, executive coaching and motivational speaking. Fast Forward Group was co-founded in 2013 by Lisa McCarthy and Wendy Leshgold. Childhood friends Lisa and Wendy spent decades in corporate America where they experienced firsthand the toll of the always-on, high-pressure workplaces where people feel professional success requires personal sacrifice. They founded Fast Forward Group to challenge this belief and to transform workplaces one person at a time. They created a simple actionable system for people to define “extraordinary success” one year from today and adopt intentional habits, tools and a mindset to make it happen. Since founding Fast Forward, Wendy and Lisa have built a team of facilitators, coaches and engagement managers who have trained more than 100,000 people around the globe.

Our Team in Action

Fast Forward in the News

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Listen as co-founders of the Fast Forward Group, Lisa McCarthy and Wendy Leshgold share their Bold Vision Exercise and how they use this proven method to help companies of all sizes transform culture, up-level talent, and accelerate business growth.


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In this episode, Lisa sits down with Women on the Move host Sam Saperstein—who has been through Fast Forward coaching herself—to discuss her company’s approach to helping individuals think big, focus on what matters, and achieve success in their whole lives.


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Lisa speaks to Google’s Bethanie Baynes, about defining success and happiness on your own terms, thriving instead of surviving, navigating challenges and resetting quickly, and the power of a Bold Vision.