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People Development Programs

Two women are smiling as they collaborate during a professional development program led by the Fast Forward Group.Fast Forward training and executive coaching goes beyond skill-building and profoundly expands what people see as possible — in their whole lives. Our customizable virtual or in-person professional development programs teach people a proven, science-backed approach to ignite their careers and lives.

Profoundly Impactful Programs:

  • Build a culture of support and accountability.
  • Deeply connect and engage employees.
  • Enhance leadership capabilities.
  • Inspire people to play big.
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Powerful Change in Mindset and Behavior

300 managers at a global tech company completed 8 90-minute Fast Forward workshops. Participants took a pre- and post-program self-assessment. The professional development program led to profound and lasting change among participants
On average, individuals reported experiencing:
Sun to symbolize employee well-being and happiness
increase in
Happiness and Wellbeing
Clock to symbolize time management and focus
increase in
Focus and Time Management
Rocket to symbolize vision and focus
increase in
Thinking Big and Taking Risks

Carolyn Everson

Former VP Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook
A lot of people say it’s the best training they’ve ever taken, it’s fundamentally changed their life.

Tara Walpert-Levy

Vice President, Agency & Brand Solutions, Google
Everyone uses their Vision and Action Plan to stay focused on what’s important at Google and in their life.

Mita Mallick

Head of Inclusion, Equity and Impact, Carta
This program gave me confidence in my own voice, clarity and a renewed sense of purpose. I learned to quiet my inner critic, choose a different perspective when in the middle of difficult conversations, and create and execute a Bold Vision for myself. I highly recommend this program.

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