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Managers are dealing with unprecedented change, uncertainty, and pressure. Motivation, focus, and team connection are low as the world faces many more months of disruption.

Fast Forward is a life-changing training and coaching program that takes a whole life approach.

Participants get insights and tools to thrive and lead in the face of any challenge – instead of simply surviving and putting out fires. They’ll see more possibilities for their future and go after their ambitions and dreams with intention and discipline.

Our clients cite significant improvement in engagement, productivity, and culture.

Think big and focus on what’s important!

 Why invest in a whole life approach?

When managers show that they care about and support their employees’ personal lives and priorities, as well as their professional development, workers report significantly lower levels of burnout and higher levels of job satisfaction.

MIT Sloan Research


People who find a balance between work and life are twice as happy.


Companies with happy employees outperform their competitors by 20%.


Engaged employees are 59% more likely to stay and show loyalty.

Transform Mindset And Behavior

Carolyn Everson
VP Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook

“A lot of people will say it’s the best training they’ve ever taken, it’s fundamentally changed their life.”

Amanda Gordon
Global Head of HR – Financial Products, Bloomberg

“Since going through Fast Forward, people are more engaged and motivated than ever to progress their career with us.”

What Participants Are Saying


7 x 90-minute interactive workshops with groups of 24-30

Sessions 1 and 2: Declare a Bold Vision and Share It

Fast Forward one year from today: what does success look like? Use our 7 questions to think big and take ownership of what’s most important in work and life. Challenge limiting beliefs and expand what you see as possible. Leave with a compass that provides inspiration and focus for you and your team in the year ahead.

Post session work: Complete Vision and read it to your Buddy.

Session 3: Plan the Work and Work the Plan

Create a 90 Day Action Plan which becomes a dashboard to make your Vision a reality. Identify habits that eat up your time and deplete your energy; adapt new habits that fuel your productivity and fulfillment. Move from being reactive to being intentional.

Post session work: Finish Action Plan with your Buddy.

Session 4: Choose a New Perspective

Transform negative stories that hold you back into empowering narratives that propel you forward. Reframe your thoughts to improve your resiliency, confidence and relationships.

Session 5: Set a Desired Outcome

Make every conversation matter by starting with the finish. Forward action with customers and colleagues. Use the FF Conversation Planner to elevate your influence and contribution.

Session 6: Be Present and Listen

See value in being present and actively listening to build trust and deepen relationships. Use FF Coaching Questions to help people grow and solve their own problems.

Session 7: Fast Forward in Action

Reflect on progress and share commitments. Learn how to stay on track and cascade key learnings and tools to your team. Set up Buddy schedule to continue support and accountability.

Ongoing Support

Fast Forward Buddy System: Every participant gets a peer coach and accountability partner for ongoing support and accountability. Buddies meet during and after the program to achieve their Bold Visions.

Reinforcement Emails: Participants get weekly inspiration post program to reinforce their learning and growth.

Forward Score Assessment: Participants take our proprietary whole life assessment pre and post program to track individual improvement in risk taking, focus, time management, confidence, resiliency, relationships and well-being.