Forget Resolutions. Crush Your Goals with One Simple Tool


Lisa speaks to longtime friend, Katie Fogarty, about her experience throwing her hat over the wall, challenging limiting beliefs, and why there’s never been a better time to write a Bold Vision. On this episode we discuss:

1.    Why declaring a bold vision focuses you on what matters most and is a key to achieving professional goals, personal dreams.

2.    The science-backed benefits of declaring a bold vision.

3.    How writing a vision differs from making NYE resolutions (and why sharing it makes it 2x more effective).

4.    Two key questions to ask yourself to get started.

5.    Tackling limiting beliefs that can derail playing big and successfully committing to change.

6.    Why midlife is the perfect time to bring intention to what’s next (aka you are NOT too old to be bold).

7.    Vision writing helps with self-care, managing your inner critic, and honoring your accomplishments.

8.    How to keep yourself accountable and on track.