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Ignite the shared learning, connection and growth of your people

Coaching to Support Your Talent in their Whole Lives

Fast Forward’s group coaching offers teams and peers the opportunity to grow together and build deep, meaningful connections. Our unique, whole-life approach and science-backed Bold Vision exercise provide the foundation for every coaching engagement.

In our small group coaching engagements, participants work on real-time challenges, practice coaching skills with their peers and gain perspective from shared experiences.

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What to Expect with Group Coaching


Our small group coaching packages for 6-8 people can be tailored to fit your needs. We recommend initial engagements of 4-6 months to provide growth and continuity.

What’s Provided:

Each group coaching engagement includes a series of 90-minute group coaching sessions during which participants work on current challenges and practice peer coaching. Each participants receives one 1:1 coaching session and is paired with Fast Forward Buddy for accountability and support.

What it Comes with

  • Fast Forward Bold Vision exercise and Bold Vision video
  • Fast Forward exercise booklet
  • Access to all Fast Forward tools
  • Assessment and Support:
    Prior to and following the group coaching sessions, participants complete the Forward Score Assessment to measure impact and growth through the program. An executive sponsor supports the growth of the group coaching cohort by hearing their requests, commitment and recommendations at the mid-point and  conclusion of the program.

An Investment in Your Top Talent

Fast Forward Group Coaching is an investment in the advancement and retention of your top talent. In the small group setting, Fast Forward creates a space where people can be vulnerable and connect deeply with their colleagues.

The shared knowledge and perspective in the group accelerates growth and connection. Additionally, by applying Fast Forward’s proven approach to current challenges they are facing in their whole lives, people are able to immediately apply the concepts and practice peer coaching.  

Offering Group Coaching to your talent is a recognition of their contribution and shows them management cares about their success and fulfillment in their whole lives. 

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What our Client Says
David Lawenda
EVP Digital Sales and Sales Strategy, Paramount
"Fast Forward's training and coaching has been instrumental to transforming our culture, accelerating our revenue growth, and developing our leaders."
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What our Client Says
Amy Armstrong
Former Global CEO of Initiative
"Fast Forward helped me see that you can put goals on the table that you don’t think you can really achieve but once you write them down, you have a map and you can do it."
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What our Client Says
Carolyn Everson
Former VP, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook
"A lot of people say it's the best training they've ever taken, it's fundamentally changed their life."
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Accelerate Growth and Connection

Fast Forward’s unique whole-life approach and science-backed Bold Vision exercise provide the foundation for every group coaching engagement. A Fast Forward Group Coaching engagement connects people deeply and gives them immediately actionable tool and insights. Coachees spend valuable time applying the concepts and practicing peer coaching. The ongoing peer coaching practice builds a culture of coaching and support that positively impacts the entire organization.

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We look forward to working with you to empower the success and fulfillment of your people. Answer a few questions, so we can get started designing a coaching engagement to address your needs.

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