Goal Setting and Establishing a Bold Vision

On this episode on the Modern Manager Podcast, Lisa McCarthy, CEO and co-founder of the Fast Forward Group talks about setting goals and establishing a bold vision. Listen to the full episode for all the great insights shared.

Here are some key takeaways from the episode;

  • We resist goal setting because we’re risk averse; we’d rather underpromise and overdeliver.
  • To encourage thinking big, managers must assure their team that there won’t be any negative consequences if expectations aren’t reached.
  • Challenge self-limiting beliefs (I’m not X enough, I don’t have the right background, etc) that stop you from dreaming of your future.
  • Create a vision of where you want to be in a year. What does “extraordinary success” look like?
  • Reflect on your qualities. What are you known for in your professional and personal life? What are your most important relationships like? Are these what you want them to be?
  • Make goals bold, specific, and measurable. Avoid vague terms like “better” and “more”.
  • Be as detailed as possible. What would be accomplished? How would you feel? Write out 2 pages for your vision.
  • Have each team member individually create a vision and goals. Then share at a team meeting to build accountability and support.
  • Consider a team vision. What would success look like? What kind of language would you use?

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