How to radically change your life in just one year

As coaches to leaders at Amazon, Google, and JPMorgan Chase, we sometimes get eye rolls when we tell people they can transform their lives in one year.

Maybe you have your doubts as well. Is it hard to imagine life being different a year from now? Do you think it will require too much change too fast? Or are you under pressure to deliver results this quarter?

We’ve heard all the doubts, but the one-year timeframe isn’t hype or an over-promise. It’s actually a necessity for creating the life you want, and it has worked for people around the world. While it may seem tight, we believe one year is actually the perfect timeline to achieve bold goals.

Here’s how you can take action to make this year your best year yet.

  1. Declare a Bold Vision
  2. Override your programming
  3. Enroll people in your vision

Next year won’t be any better unless you choose to make it better—and you can. You have the power to fuel your own happiness and success by getting clear on what that looks like, building your belief that it’s possible, and galvanizing people to help.

This post is an excerpt of the original article published on Fast Company. Read the full featured article to learn about how to take action to make this year your best year yet.