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Fast Forward for Managers, Teams and High-Potentials

When people are living their best lives, they do their best work

Transform How Your People Lead, Work and Live

People are dealing with unprecedented change, uncertainty, and stress in today’s high-pressure, always-on workplace.

Our team development training program teaches people a proven approach to think big, manage stress and achieve success and fulfillment in their whole lives.

Fast Forward begins with time to think: What does extraordinary success look like in your whole life?

Using our 7-question Bold Vision Exercise, participants write and share their ambitions and dreams — even if they don’t know how to achieve them or could fail. Participants are inspired to go after their goals with intention and discipline — equipped with a simple, proven system to get there.

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Powerful Change in Mindset and Behavior

300 managers at a global tech company completed 8 90-minute Fast Forward workshops. Participants took a pre- and post-program self-assessment. On average, individuals reported experiencing:


increase in Happiness and Well-being


increase in Focus and Time Management


increase in Thinking Big and Taking Risks

Fast Forward Leadership and Team Development Training Program

This highly interactive training program is customizable to your needs and can be delivered virtually, in person or hybrid.

We create a space where people can be vulnerable and share their ambitions and goals, as well as fears and challenges. This results in a profound human connection and growth.

Key Takeaways
  • A Bold Vision with ambitious goals for focus and inspiration for the year ahead
  • A 90-Day Action Plan to prioritize key professional and personal outcomes
  • Insights and Tools to improve resiliency, confidence, communication, and relationships
  • A peer coach for ongoing support and accountability
Power Principle 1: Declare a Bold Vision and Share It

Fast Forward one year from today: what does extraordinary success look like in your whole life?

Use our 7 questions to think big and long term about success and fulfillment in your whole life. Challenge limiting beliefs and expand what you see as possible. Leave with a compass that provides inspiration and focus for you and your team in the year ahead.


Power Principle 2: Plan the Work and Work the Plan

Create a 90-Day Action Plan which becomes a dashboard to make your Vision a reality.

Identify reactive habits that thwart your progress and deplete your energy; adopt intentional habits that fuel your focus and productivity.

Power Principle 3: Manage Your Inner Critic

Appreciate the brain science behind this harsh internal voice that contributes to imposter syndrome.

Learn actionable practices to fuel your confidence, happiness, and peace.

Power Principle 4: Choose a New Perspective

Transform negative stories that hold you back into empowering narratives that propel you forward.

Reframe your thoughts to improve your resiliency, confidence, and relationships.

Power Principle 5: Make Every Meeting Matter

Improve efficiency and effectiveness by setting a desired outcome.

Forward action with customers and colleagues. Use the Fast Forward Conversation Planner to elevate your influence and contribution.

Power Principle 6: Fuel a Coaching Culture

Learn practical listening skills to have people feel heard and empowered.

Practice and observe using Fast Forward Coaching Questions to help people solve their problems and see innovative paths forward.

Fast Forward in Action

Reflect on progress and share commitments.

Update your Bold Vision based on program insights. Keep momentum with your buddy and cohort.

Fast Forward Buddy System

Every participant is assigned a peer coach for accountability and support during and after the program.

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What Our Clients Say
Carolyn Everson
Former VP, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook
"A lot of people say it's the best training they've ever taken, it's fundamentally changed their life."
Our Client Video
What Our Clients Say
Natalie McLean
Head of Business Training & Development, TikTok
“Fast Forward coaching has been an integral people development strategy for us, helping to create happier, high-performing leaders. Their simple tools and world class coaches have helped our people navigate challenges, build critical skills and find harmony both professionally and personally. The feedback across the globe has been fantastic.”
What Our Clients Say
Amanda Gordon
Global Head of HR – Financial Products, Bloomberg
"Since going through Fast Forward, people are more engaged and motivated than ever to progress their career with us."
What Our Clients Say
Morin Oluwole
"Fast Forward transformed the direction of my career and personal life. I realized that my destiny was not controlled by others, that I could have a hand in this thing called life. And that I could enjoy the journey along the way."

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