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Fast Forward Team Vision Workshop

Unify and engage your team around a vision for extraordinary success in the year ahead.

In today’s ever-changing world of remote and hybrid work, it’s more important than ever to build engaged teams around an inspiring vision for the future.

Unify and Inspire Your Team

Leaders face significant challenges to building a highly motivated and engaged team:

  • Virtual and remote work leaves people feeling disconnected
  • Teams are setting vague goals and playing it safe
  • People are mired in the day to day
  • Long-standing silos divide teams
  • Reorganizations and layoffs increase uncertainty

The Fast Forward Team Vision Workshop builds team unification around an inspiring vision for the future. It engages teams and ignites them to be bold and play big in the year ahead.

A group of 5 unified team members smile as they meet have a discussion standing up.

The Future Can Look Different Than the Past

Workshop Participants:
  • Take ownership in the success of the organization.
  • See their role in the bigger picture.
  • Build connection and confidence in leadership.
  • Leave inspired by bold goals for the future.
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Fast Forward Team Vision Workshop

This highly interactive in-person workshop is customizable to your needs and can be delivered during a half or full-day program.

In our workshops, we create a space where people can be vulnerable and share their ambitions and goals, as well as challenges. This results in profound human connection and growth.

Power Principle 1: Declare a Bold Vision for Your Team

Informed by the Bold Vision methodology, team members answer three questions to create a bold, inspiring Team Vision for the year ahead.

Align on priority business and culture outcomes at a team level. Build trust and cohesion and leave galvanized to begin taking meaningful ground.


Power Principle 2: Plan the Work and Work the Plan

Create a 90-Day Action Plan which becomes a dashboard to make your Team Vision a reality.

Identify key outcomes in the Team Vision and build action plans. Adopt intentional team habits that fuel engagement and productivity.

What Our Clients Say
Amy Armstrong
Former Global CEO of Initiative
"Fast Forward helped me see that you can put goals on the table that you don’t think you can really achieve but once you write them down, you have a map and you can do it."
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What does extraordinary success look like for your team?

Answer a few quick questions. We’ll design a Team Vision workshop tailored to meet your team’s needs.