Fast Forward Coach Adam headshot



Adam is a Fast Forward coach who  works with senior executives to create a powerful vision and strengthen their leadership skills. With clients like Amazon, Dell, and Peloton, Adam specializes in leadership development and creating a “winning culture” He is especially skilled in working with leaders to understand and build their capabilities in the areas of emotional intelligence, team dynamics and powerful communication.  He has a style that resonates with senior level executives, successfully helping them to own their leadership presence and improve their business results.

Adam’s coaching is grounded in his 25 year background working in a variety of business leadership roles. His experience ranges from starting new digital businesses for Fortune 50 Companies, to forming and overseeing global tech & media teams as large as 120 people in 40 countries around the world.  Adam has held leadership roles at Time Warner, Sony, Nokia, Omnicom, Universal and Coca-Cola.

Adam has also served as President, Vice Chairman and Board Member in professional organizations for the Tech, Entertainment, Advertising and 360-VR industries.

He has been formally trained as an Executive Coach for Leadership Development, Organizational Transition Coaching and Business Coaching and is certified by the International Coaching Federation and the Center for Credentialing & Education.

Adam’s coaching mission is to help senior executives deliver business results through the continuous development and growth of their leadership qualities .