Fast Forward Coach Alison



Alison is an executive coach with The Fast Forward Group, who partners with individuals and teams at high growth fast-paced companies, to systematically and holistically unleash their personal & professional potential.

In an increasingly complex and stressful business environment, Alison helps learning leaders achieve greater clarity and accelerate attaining their most meaningful goals. Uncovering blind spots, evolving mental models, exploring fears and triggers, and experimenting to find effective work-life designs are all part of the partnership.

Described as authentic, trustworthy, direct, and committed to coaching with compassionate honesty, Alison is a design-thinker with an investigative approach rooted in cutting-edge leadership, management, & culture frameworks, as well as ongoing research in neuroscience, human behavior, and talent development.

Alison leverages a 25+ year career driving revenue in the complex, ever-evolving media industry, holding executive roles in business development, strategic partnerships, and talent development. She has supported brands like Fast CompanyThe Atlantic Monthly, and Vanity Fair.  Her client list has run from start-ups to digital blue-chips like Google and Facebook.

Alison is ICF certified and earned a BA in Political Science and International Relations from Colgate University where she captained her division I women’s lacrosse team. She also holds certifications in Applied Positive Psychology, Resilience Skills, and Mindfulness.

With a passion for supporting people’s health and wellness goals, Alison is a dedicated instructor of yoga and mindfulness meditation in which she leads retreats and workshops.

Equal parts the daughter of a Marine Corps fighter pilot and a dedicated social worker, Alison has raised four children of her own. She actively volunteers with organizations supporting young athletes and military veterans.