Fast Forward Coach Cindu



As an executive coach with The Fast Forward Group, Cindu’s mission is to empower individuals and organizations to be a creative force – collaborating consciously and achieving meaningful outcomes. She is passionate about supporting high-achieving leaders to practice creative behaviors with awareness, to become interpersonally intelligent, and to hold systemic awareness.

Cindu’s leadership coaching focuses on balancing reflection and action – creating a space for deep reflection, simultaneously creating energy for impactful new action. Her diverse industry and leadership experiences for almost two decades (in three different industries-Media, Technology, Learning – in global organizations) help her adapt swiftly to the uniqueness of her client’s context. Her clients appreciate her ability to focus on what really matters and to be fiercely authentic with deep care and empathy.

She has worked with leaders in several Fortune100 companies across industries – IT, FinTech, Telecom, Manufacturing, Banking, Consulting, Pharma, among others. She has coached leaders to increase their self-awareness, to deal with immediate challenges, to create a compelling vision for themselves and their organizations, build and manage high-performing teams, develop trust and nurture stakeholder relationships, create practices for reflection, and bring a holistic approach to life.

She is certified in several assessments and modalities including Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT), The Leadership Circle Profile, Hogan suite, Workplace Big 5, Systemic Coaching, Systemic constellations among others.  Cindu is based in Singapore and works with leaders across APAC, India, and the Middle East. She has completed the Entrepreneurship and Management program from The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, and has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, and Media Studies. She has a keen interest in psychology and practical philosophy.