Headshot of Danche Bakeva, Senior Account Manager and Executive Coach at the Fast Forward Group

Danche Bakeva

Sr. Account Manager, Coach

Danche Bakeva is a Senior Account Manager and Executive Coach at Fast Forward Group. She is responsible for end-to-end program management and ensuring the principles and tools we teach become the new normal for clients. As a Fast Forward coach, Danche helps leaders create a vision, communicate powerfully, and find professional and personal harmony.

Prior to joining Fast Forward, Danche worked as an Events and Client Relations Manager for governmental bodies, in the tech startup world, for education charities, and in the travel sector. A Certified Life Coach, she supports clients stepping into the power of their strengths and talents and achieving personal and professional goals.

A native of Macedonia, Danche has lived and worked in more than 25 countries, across 5 continents, including South Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, UK, and Spain. She has organized hundreds of onsite and virtual events globally, and has contributed and worked with professionals, executives, and leaders from diverse cultural and social backgrounds.

Danche brings her passion for coaching to her role at Fast Forward and is especially passionate about supporting emerging women leaders in the business world.

Fluent in English, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian, and Macedonian, she is based in Madrid, Spain.