Fast Forward Coach Fred



Fred is a Fast Forward Coach who is adept at asking the questions and cultivating the conversations that will inspire you to see clearly, choose wisely, and act boldly. And in the process, you will develop new energy for how to leverage your superpowers – that unique combination of gifts, talents, skills, and values you offer — to accomplish your Bold Vision.

Tapping into the learning powers of story, appreciative inquiry, and fun, Fred is skilled at navigating the creative tension of focusing you on your longer-term leadership development goals while also remaining “at the moment” enough to be your thought partner on demanding business issues that arise during your coaching engagement. That tension is an amazingly creative place to learn and grow.

Two particular sweet spots have emerged for Fred in his work: helping technically oriented leaders expand their repertoire to include greater EQ and more compelling messaging in order to influence a wider audience, as well as facilitating experiential learning both in person and virtually.

Fred took an unorthodox path into Leadership Development and the Human Capital space he has been working in since 1999. Prior to that “hat over the wall” moment, he worked 12 years in various levels of Sales roles within Financial Services – which to this day helps to balance his love for a good leadership model with the compulsion to deliver tangible takeaways for clients who have important work that needs to get done. As a certified Executive Coach and a Facilitator, Fred has had the opportunity to apply his experience at some iconic global brands, including Novartis, Facebook (Meta), Avis Budget, Deloitte, and Google — as well as at many great US companies, including United Healthcare Group, Affinity Credit Union and  SmartCare.

Beyond his work, Fred has a few other simple loves in life (in no particular order): his high school girlfriend; trying to coach his 7 children without them realizing it; running long distances; singing along to great music in the car; asking probing questions; public speaking; words of affirmation; prayer.