Fast Forward Coach Giancarlo



Giancarlo is a Fast Forward coach, who helps executives become focused in the digital age, and find balance in their use of habit-forming technology. His work has been covered by Harvard Business Review and his programs have been sought out by teams from The World Economic Forum, Spotify, Facebook, NYC Department of Education, WeWork, Kate Spade/Coach, Common Sense Media, and more.

As a facilitator, and TEDx speaker Giancarlo is on a mission to liberate our hearts and minds from the stress, doubt, and distractions that keep us from achieving the kind of career and life success we were born to enjoy. Through coaching and workshops, he equips his clients with the mental and emotional tools they need to unlock new levels of personal and professional success, and to overcome the challenges that seem to stand in the way.

He began his career working in communications and advertising strategy for companies like Apple, Ogilvy, and MRY Publicis. Later, he oversaw digital content strategy and analytics as Partner, Chief Strategy Officer at Kirshenbaum Bond’s digital content division, until joining Facebook/Instagram’s Creative Agency Partnership team. In 2019, Giancarlo launched his digital wellbeing initiative, Purposeful.

His work is informed by his training in emotional & creative intelligence, Holistic Life Foundation’s Trauma-Informed Mindfulness program, IPEC’s Core Energy Coaching method, Marianne Williamson’s “Training the Teachers” program, and Brendon Burchard’s HPX (High Performance Experience) program.