Fast Forward Coach Irena



Irena is a Fast Forward coach for ambitious professionals, committed to leading with excellence while living more expansive, courageous, and authentic lives. An executive coach for a decade, she has focused on seeing in people what they cannot see, on supporting them to find and use their strengths, in order to use their potentials and to adopt a new mindset and new behaviors so as to embrace and live their next versions of themselves. Irena uses a holistic approach and coaches the whole person using NLP, female empowerment tools (for women), and many other coaching approaches to get the vision of the client to come through.

Areas of focus include:

Leadership, communication, women’s empowerment, and profound personal development.

Irena also comes with over 15 years of experience in marketing, advertising and public relations, as well as 5 years of work for the United Nations in her country, North Macedonia, Europe. She has worked with clients like Coca-Cola, General Motors, Nestle, and others. She has been a professional coach and trainer (facilitator) since 2011 and she established her own company in 2016.

As well as her native Macedonian language, Irena is fluent in English, German, French, and Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/Montenegrin. She holds an MBA in Business Management from Sheffield University, as well as several coaching certifications, and, as a mother of two, is ever the curious optimist.