Fast Forward Coach Jay



Jay is a Fast Forward coach known for his direct and energetic approach to creating a psychologically safe environment for learning and experimenting. There’s nothing he enjoys more than watching clients grow and thrive. Jay doesn’t answer your questions, he questions your answers, and plays the provocateur and sounding board to provide the secret weapon every leader needs; a partner that tells it how he sees it, and cuts to the chase.  Jay helps clients find growth areas and shift behaviors to become even greater leaders. ‘Self As Coach’ is the principle that Jay brings to coaching with his unique perspective and thoughtful, challenging questions.

With a bias to action, a growth mindset, and a people-first approach, Jay has spent 35 years in leadership roles across broadcast and digital platforms including those at Google, Cox Enterprises, ABC/Disney, and iHeartMedia.

Jay’s passion for coaching began at Google, where, for over 16 years he volunteered in mentorship programs, including the Sage and Thrive programs benefitting African American and Latinx employees. As a GTM advisory board member at CapitalG, Alphabet’s Independent Growth Fund, he advised entrepreneurs on how to overcome the challenges of scaling their GTM strategy including sales operations and marketing, plus product and market fit.

Jay is ICF certified and earned his ACTP coaching certification from the Hudson Institute of Coaching. He grew up in the South and has spent time in Atlanta, GA, and the Palo Alto area of Silicon Valley raising three amazing kids. He now spends his free time with his two Australian Shepherds, surfing, playing golf and tennis, and being outdoors.