The Bold Vision Introduction Workshop: Creating Professional & Personal Success

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The Fast Forward Group created a sophisticated yet simple program to inspire people to pursue their dreams, expand what they see as possible, and reach their full personal and professional potential. Introducing the Bold Vision Introduction Workshop.

“A lot of people will say it’s the best training they’ve ever taken, it’s fundamentally changed their life.”- Carolyn Everson, VP Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook

This simple, science-based exercise will give you a roadmap for achieving personal and professional growth and success. The 90-minute Bold Vision Introduction Workshop introduces you to this tool that leaders use to achieve their most important outcomes.

This interactive and discussion-based workshop will generate increased motivation and focus for employees. Experience for yourself how Fast Forward builds meaningful connections that will drive increased engagement, wellbeing and culture. Each session is led by one of The Fast Forward Group’s co-founders who both built significant careers building teams and managing billions of dollars of revenue in corporate American before developing this life-changing program.

The Bold Vision Introduction Workshop caters to people in all levels of business because everyone can benefit from having dedicated time to determine goals and focus on how they can thrive in every area of their lives. Today’s top leaders and their employees have seen significant improvement in mindset and behavior after participating in this workshop. When provided with the tools to achieve personal and professional goals, employees regain focus and motivation and are equipped with a 12-month roadmap to hold them accountable and keep them inspired.

Program Results

The Bold Vision Introduction Workshop will help you achieve the following:

  • Dramatically expand what you see as possible in all areas of life
  • Challenge limiting beliefs that get in the way of success and happiness
  • Bring intention and discipline to your personal life – the fuel for professional success
  • Gain clarity and focus – a compass for the year ahead

How Does It Work?

People’s actions are directly correlated to the future they think is possible. That is why the basis for this workshop is rooted in answering a specific question to define that ideal future: What does success look like one year from today?

In 90 minutes you will paint the picture for what you want your future to look like – both professionally and personally. If you can see it, then it starts to feel possible. You will challenge your limiting beliefs, get clarity on your aspirations, and put intention behind what matters most in every area of your life.

“Teams do their best work when they live their best lives. Fast Forward is the only training programme I know that builds a life vision that weaves together your professional AND personal vision.” – Karen Flavard-Jones, Managing Director UK & Ireland – Active Cosmetics, L’Oreal

Most people set comfortable, safe, predictable goals. This exercise is meant to push you outside of your comfort zone to provide a new way of thinking along with setting measurable outcomes that will hold you accountable. This exercise will help you realize your full power and potential while gaining clear insight on the outcomes of obtaining your goals.

The exercise also specifically focuses on relationships, especially the most important one – the relationship you have with yourself.

This program provides a uniquely safe space that allows people to share vulnerably and authentically. When you are not in the group setting with the coach, you will be placed in breakout rooms with another participant to bounce ideas off of, challenge, and use as an accountability partner.
When you leave the Bold Vision Introduction you’ll be equipped to finish the exercise and share it with the people in your life that can help you make it a reality.

Proven Method for Retaining Top Talent

“Since going through Fast Forward, people are more engaged and motivated than ever to progress their career with us.”- Amanda Gordon, Global Head of HR – Financial Products, Bloomberg

When leaders exhibit care and passion for their team’s professional development alongside their personal goals and wellbeing, workers report significantly lower levels of burnout and higher levels of job satisfaction. Past graduates from the program shared that experiencing the Bold Vision Workshop together as a team created a connection that continues to yield better business outcomes. You can get a feel for this yourself by joining us in our monthly free Bold Vision Introduction Workshop – the 90-minute version of the 3 hour workshop.

Trusted by today’s top global leaders, this workshop’s whole life approach provides people with the rare opportunity to set intentions around their personal and professional goals – this is the foundation of success and fulfillment.

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